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You will information about what Raindrop Technique is and about the therapeutic essential oils that are used. There is also the Vitaflex Technique which can be used with or without the oils, using the various pressure points on the body.  The modalities affect the mind and the body, physically and emotionally.  They affect everyone differently depending on where you are at in life.

We all hold on to a lot of ‘baggage’ through our life and there are moments when all that catches up with us and gets in the way of us moving forward with ease. Life can start to feel all too much, even on the easiest of days. We just need to take time out for ourselves, stop and just BE for a moment. What is it we need? Why is everything feeling too much, overwhelming?  When you start having sessions with me, these are questions and more you need to ask yourself, and you are given this time to explore those. Then by taking in all the oils in a very special way, your intentions of the sessions are realised, physically and emotionally. If not then, maybe a day or so after, the effects can last a week, which is why we suggest having weekly sessions initially, if you can.

To have ultimate harmony and balance back in your life is the key. To be able to think with clarity without the fog is uplifting. To wake up in the morning with a new sense of purpose for each day is invigorating.  To have the vitality to take on whatever is needed of you, and let go of what is no longer your responsibility, is inspiring. To move forward with ease and love of yourself and everything you have at this moment, you deserve.

Be the Radiant Essence of You !

PS: Any past clients who have seen me or any new interested persons are very welcome to comment below. Past Clients if you could put in a small review of your experiences without speaking of any health conditions, to stay compliant, that would be lovely. New persons interested, if you have any enquires just comment below, thank you. I will reply within 24 hours.